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The process for cell line creation at PluriCells has been peer-reviewed and is scientifically proven to be both reliable and effective.

Having been developed by an expert team at the University of Nottingham, a University renowned for its ground-breaking research into food sustainability and food technologies, you can be confident when you choose to create with PluriCells.

Professor Ramiro Alberio

University of Nottingham

Ramiro graduated as a veterinarian from La Plata University (Argentina), and completed his PhD in Munich (Germany). During his postdoc, he developed novel methods of cellular reprogramming and now focuses his research on determining how cell fate decisions are made during the development of mammalian embryos.

The use of single cell transcriptomics combined with gene editing to reveal the mechanisms that control cell fate specification during early development in domestic animals led to the creation of the process PluriCells now uses.

These new methodologies for the derivation of embryonic stem cells in domestic animals have great potential for enhancing genetic selection of livestock, and in the generation of lab-grown food products.

Contact us today to discuss how our methodologies could better support your business ambitions.

Professor Austin Smith

University of Exeter

Austin studied Biochemistry at the University of Oxford, where his fascination with pluripotency began. Following a PhD with Professor Martin Hooper at the University of Edinburgh and post-doctoral research in Oxford with Professor John Heath, Austin joined the Centre for Genome Research in Edinburgh as a Group Leader. In 1995, he became Director of Centre which he transformed into the Institute for Stem Cell Research.

In 2006 Austin moved to the University of Cambridge and became the founding Director of the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute until 2016. In 2019 he took up the post of Director of the Living Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.