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Food standard compliant cell lines and media

Highly proliferative and fully traceable, we offer sheep, pig and cattle pluripotent stem cell lines under research or commercial licenses from the University of Nottingham, alongside a bespoke growth media.

Pluripotent Animal Stem Cell Lines

PluriCells cell lines are established from pre-implantation embryos, providing several key benefits in comparison with other available alternatives.

Rapid Replication

Effectively immortal (more than 200 replications trialled), PluriCells lines are scientifically proven to replicate at high-speed (16 hours) and to food standard, allowing for increased efficiency at scale.

Long-Term Stability

Our cells have increased stability in long-term culture and are competent in differentiation, providing enhanced consistency between batches. The conditions of growth result in high-quality and homogenous cells to support precision manufacturing.

Complete Traceability

Fully traceable to origin animal, our cells are grown without antibiotics and are provided with a fully chemically defined and optimised growth media. They contain no additional animal products within any component, such as feeder layers or serum.

Natural Pluripotency

Pluripotent by nature, embryonic cells have high expansion capability, are able to differentiate into any other cell type consistently and have robust differentiation capacity towards muscle and fat.

Bespoke Growth Media

The growth media we supply is bespoke and supplemented with just three additives. None of which are animal-derived. We’ve purposefully designed this media to drive efficient replication and to prevent the cells from differentiating until you need them to.

Expertise & Support

PluriCells is the product of extensive research in the molecular underpinning of embryo development and offers a robust platform for downstream cultured meat applications, such as the production of cultured meat manufacture.

Whether purchasing a license for research or commercial use, our cells are provided with full documentation and protocols to aid storage successful usage so that you can create with confidence.

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