Harnessing the efficiency of nature to power the cellular agricultural industry


PluriCells supplies high-quality, traceable and stable pluripotent stem cell lines from sheep, pigs and cattle. All of which are available now under research or commercial license from the University of Nottingham.

PluriCells is a product on license for commercial sale by the University of Nottingham

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Drive efficiency and consistency in your processes at scale with fully traceable and highly stable pluripotent stem cell lines, pioneered by experts.

The world is becoming increasingly aware that our meat-eating habits need to change. While cellular agriculture could give consumers new alternatives for their meat consumption, cultivated meat production has not yet achieved scalability or price parity. Both of which are crucial to long-term adoption of cultivated meat products.

Our cell lines have been developed to drive efficiency and consistency in cultured meat production to support this emerging industry at scale.

Fully traceable, highly stable and naturally pluripotent

Developed by renowned scientists, Professors Ramiro Alberio and Austin Smith

Available under research or commercial license from the University of Nottingham

Our process has been peer-reviewed and our cell lines are already in use commercially.